Bangkok Trip

Endlich bin ich wieder in Bangkok von 1-5 Maerz. Letztes mal war ich da fuer Jamboree, didn’t have much sightseeing or shopping. Ich bin froh, dass es mein zweites mal SYN Reise war. Ich wollte schon lang nach Bangkok gehen weil ich gehoert habe, dass es eine schoene Stadt ist. And it’s true, it’s indeed a very beautiful place and a shopping paradise. Haha!
1 Mar 2008
I could still remember my flight was at 0755! Mega frueh! Unglaublich ist, die ganze Nacht habe ich nicht geschlafen. I was at the biz centre til midnite I guess and later accompanied vicky to meet her friend. Then we lost our way. Es war schon fast 0300 Uhr, wenn wir zu Hause waren. A quick shower and packing, we were on our way to the airport. I was really sleepy…we lost our way to the airport too but luckily we still reached there. Breakfast at Mc’D and the next thing I knew, we were on board. There were approximately 254 partners on this trip. I slept all the way to Bangkok! After checked-in, we had lunch (weird stuff though), looked delicious but tasted kinda funny. Then we went for Thai massage. First time…and it was a good experience though. I’ve always heard massage can be relaxing but I didn’t feel so. I felt kinda tense as it was ‘geli’ esp when she massaged my thighs and back. I wonder how they actually fell asleep during massage coz I was very well awake! But the whole 2-hour massage was great! We had our dinner on a cruise along Chao Praya River. Buffet dinner plus live band and not forgetting the night view! It was wonderful! We danced on the deck too! It was crazy yet fun! After the cruise, we went for Thai Girl Show. Well, guess I would say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It really opened my eyes! Finally, a good night sleep.
2 Mar 2008
Morning call was at 0700, luckily. After breakfast, we went to the Temple of Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. Das Wetter war echt heiss. I had to wear a jacket on since I was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. Thai people really love their king and his family a lot! Since it is a place of interest, it was crowded! The whole place is like history, buildings made of gold, ruby, sapphire, diamond…it’s just great! I managed to listen to the history but didn’t really get the whole story since everyone was squeezing around and taking photos. I really admire that place. There are 3 sets of costumes for the Buddha during Summer, Winter and raining seasons and only the King can change the costumes for the Buddha. No photos were allowed in the temple and surprisingly nobody even bordered to take any photos. My feeling – WOW! After that, we went to Chatuchak Market! Shopping! It’s like Petaling Street in Malaysia where you can bargain, just that things were cheaper over there. Haha! 2 hours and we only finished 3 rows, unbelievable. But if I were to be there longer, I think I would have spent more! After that, we had some local delicacies nearby the hotel. It’s a convenient that beside the hotel is Tesco Lotus! We had our dinner somewhere nearby and after that we headed for Siam Niramit. It’s a cultural performance. The stage is huge and most impressive is the backdrop, 3D effects and sound system! Amazing! And of course not forgetting to take photos like normal tourists! Haha! After the show, we continued our shopping at Phapung! It’s like a night market, lots to buy! We headed back to the hotel by midnite. My legs hurt from walking.
3 Mar 2008
In the morning, we went to Siam Paragon for a bowling competition among coaches. Each coach was represented by 16 partners, with 4 in a team. I was included >_< It was fun! We had our cheers, taught by our tour guide. After that, we went shopping. Wacoal was incredibly cheap over…well, since cash was running out so had to swap my card but it was a good bargain. We had our lunch and dressed up into proper attire – white top and blue jeans for for our event tonite. We visited DCHL office at Bangkok. It was situated on Floor 26, the view was beautiful. They have a really huge balcony over there, it’s just great. A small wai huen with our A.D Steven Yeam and photo session. Then we were on our way to a club for our Winners Star Explosion Night! Yuhu – PARTY time! Ich habe viel Spass gehabt da. Wirklich so geil. Leider ist um 0030 muessten wir schon zurueck gehen. But it was a great and fantastic night for all of us. We had wai huen after that, a bit of sharing from every partners til 0500. Gosh, ich war echt muede!
4 Mar 2008
Many went back today but we stayed a day longer. Missed breakfast since we overslept. But after lunch we went to MBK to shop. Damn cheap over there, spent a lot too! We headed back to the hotel around 1800. But dum ist, I realised one of the heels I bought weren’t my size so went back to MBK for a change. Worse ist, I bought even more. After dinner, we went back and started to pack up. My luggage became realy bulky and heavier. It was really like a shopping day today. Ich wollte eigentlich Jar und Asuka treffen aber es war nicht gegangen. Mit Stefan ging es auch nicht! So dumm.
5 Mar 2008
Ich bin um 0500 aufgestanden, immer noch muede. Took a taxi to the airport. Though it wasn’t even 0700 but the sun was rising and the sky was bright. We had our breakfast after checked-in. The line to the immigration counter was shit long and the woman was damn slow. We had to run to the boarding gate coz we were late! Echt bloed but luckily we managed to board the flight. Wie immer, I slept the whole way back to Malaysia.
Ich moechte gar nicht zurueck kommem. Die Zeit in Bangkok war schoen! No worries! Just enjoy and relax! But I know I must work harder coz I’m really looking forward for the next trip!

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Trip

  1. Wow! Es sieht toll! Du reist wirklich oft gaell! Ich bin niemal in Bangkok. Ich gerne einmal Bangkok gehen. Weisst du was? Ich fliege ende des Jahre nach Kuching. Kannst du Weihnachten und neue Jahr nach Kuching fliegen? Oder anfang des Januar? Ich wird toll wann du nach Kuching fliegen. Ich habe dich mega viel Jahre nicht gesehen….and you look gorgeous day by day. LADY!

  2. Hey Alissa, vermisse dich sehr!!!!!! It would be great if you were at Bangkok too, sicher mehr SPASS! Wir gehen ein mal nach Bangkok ok? I didnt really visit many places and I believe there are many more places to go at Bangkok! It’s really a shopping paradise! About end of this year, I will try to arrange. You try to stop by KL too, just in case I cant make it.

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