It has been raining almost everyday.
I feel the same as the weather, dark and wet.
Ich habe mein Weg verloren.
Ich mache was ich machen soll.
Consistency and perseverance.
I understand the meaning of these words.
Ich frage mich immer, wie lang?
Everyone has his/her jourmey.
Some easy, some tough.
Some fast, some slow.
There are ups and downs.
Ich glaube, egal wie es ist,
those who never give up will reach his/her destination.
I realised one thing.
One cannot have the best out of everything.
There is time when a decision must be made.
There are things that must be sacrificed.
Time never stop, tickling by every second.
No matter what, keep moving forward.
Do not regret after making a decison.
Make the best out of it instead.
Indecisive happens when there are choices.
Cut away all other options,
there’ll be only one road left to walk.
No point of turning back.
Be proud of the journey I’m embracing.

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