Words of wisdom

Last weekend, I went to a monestary – DONG ZEN at Jenjarom. Just need a peaceful mind to rest and do some thinking.
It’s one of a modern kind buildings. Moreover, it’s huge and nice!
There’s this box where people can donate and randomly pick a paper out of the box.
Mine was surprisingly accurate!
Very good advice though…
– Have a broad and tolerant mind
– Have the courage to shoulder responsibilities
– Have the wisdom to be decisive
– Have the spirit to be self-motivated
That one day trip was unpredictable!!
We ended up in a plantation, they had durians…
Gosh, stink!!
As I though we were heading home, another Ueberrashung!
Dinner at a restaurant at Klang, cheap and delicious!
We even tried coconut wine, tasted weird though as it was mixed with guiness stout! Imagine that!
In conclusion, very hearty meal, full and tired but exhilarating!
Really drop dead when we got home…BED!

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