8th IME at Jakarta

I’m back!! We were 5 days at Jakarta, Indonesia for the 8th IME!
Nur ein Wort – FABULOUS!
Jakarta turned out to be out of expectation. This is my first time to Indonesia, didn’t know what to expect though.
Although Bahasa Indonesia sounds similar to Bahasa Malaysia but trust me, it ain’t the same at all!
Macak, kamar kecil, cowok, cewek…i never heard of these words at all before I was there.
We stayed at Sultan Hotel…it’s so unique there! Totally Indonesia!
When we arrived, it was already night time…traffic was so bad that it took us more than an hour to reach the hotel.
We had dinner at Senayan City, something like Pavilion! So high class…
The next day was the conference! It was held at Jakarta Convention Centre, the biggest! It was great to hear sharing from partners from other countries.
At night, we had Winner Stars Explosion! Oh my god, it was party time! Had so much fun!
We even went for supper! The porridge was delicious!
On the third day, we had free and easy during day time. We explored the hotel…hehe! And went to have our hair set and make-up.
In the evening, the best event of the trip – Back to 70’s!
WOW! We all had a good laugh. I could barely recognize them! Almost everyone had their sunglasses and funny wigs on! Best part is everyone partied real hard.
Popcorns, spaghetti, snacks, drinks…all free flow till it ended! I can just say it’s party of the year! Austin Power, Elvis Presley…haha!
On the forty day, we had a tour around Jakarta, shopping, eating, massage, highclass dinner and finally clubbing! Really a breakthrough for most of us!
Unfortunately I had the earliest flight back to KL so no sleep during the final night. But we all slept in the flight! Gosh, was I exhausted!
No regrets going there!

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