Mein Leben

Seit ich arbeite, habe ich gemerkt, dass jeder Tag, jede Stunde, jeder Minute, jede Sekunde schiesst wie ein Pfeil davon!
I just went to Redang last weekend. It was actually a sudden trip, not planned ahead. But that trip is really a law of attration. What I knew was I wanted to go to Redang so badly and then a call just came in, asking if I wanna go that very weekend! Isn’t it a miracle? I remember reading “Law Of Attraction”. Never ever question how it would come true as it will unfold itself! It was a great time at Redang, got sunburn! I really miss everything there…the sea, the beach, the sun, the party, just indulge in the nature! I’m going back to KL tomorrow. I know I’m going to miss home…but I know I can always come back anytime. 🙂
Ich liebe mein Leben sehr, because I’m doing what I enjoy most!! If i was given a chance to repeat my years, I guess I would want it to be the same! When I was younger, I wonder why adults worry so much and have so much troubles…but as I grew up, I see those problems in my life too. The only difference is it depends on how I would perceive those situations. There’s always a positive side to even the worst situation and I truly believe that! There’s always lessons to learn in all failures. I think being an optimist makes life brighter and happier. Life never repeats itself so why not live it to the fullest? It might sound easy and as people usually say, it’s easier said than done but it’s definitely not impossible! Life can be unfair but it still goes on. There are things we cannot control but we surely can control how we react and respond to what happen around us. So why worry about things that we cannot change. Let it be! Life is better when we can be simple.

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