8 Tage in Beijing…lang ist es nicht, I wish I could stay longer…
Es ist wirklich eine grosse Stadt, auch viel zu tun, vor allem einkaufen! Günstig!!
Good thing is at least they have proper WC, not those without doors…
Es war mühsam weil jeden Tag hab ich nur etwa 5 Stunden geschlafen aber es hat Spass gemacht. The sky was bright even at 5 something in the morning. Das Wetter ist nicht sehr heiss but it’s dry! Whenever we went out, it was already dark when we reached the hotel. Too bad there is no swimming pool at the hotel we were staying. However, I don’t think it would make any differences since there wasn’t much time left after we got back everyday.
Beijing is really big, even the population there is half of the Malaysian population! Guess it should be interesting staying there coz there’s so many things to do there. It’s really a developed city… 🙂 with many historical sites too!
In short…Ich hatte eine gute Zeit da…vielleicht gehe ich wieder nach Beijing!

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