3E Leaders Trip – Explore, Experience & Enhance

Although I’ve already left Redang for a few days yet I’m still missing it…I was overhelmed to find out that we were organizing a trip to Redang Island. I’ve always thought it would be great to organize a team bonding there. It was even more excited to find out I was the chosen one! The 3E Leaders Trip was, luckily relaxing but very meaningful. Not only had we explored, experienced and enhanced, I’m certain everyone of us has brought ourselves to a hgher level of self-realization.
I went back to KT earlier so I didn’t take a bus with the rest of them but I was really looking forward to meet them at the jetty. It was great to see our fabulous banner hanging at the jetty. Everyone was so excited and busy posing for photos. The Penang team was late so we went in first. It was great to go back there again. Actually it has always been fantastic to go there but this time the crowd made it even more exciting! We went in by a speedboat, took us about 30min to reach. As usual, the sea water is crystal clear blue!!! I haven’t been there with such a big group, that’s why it was really happening. The noise, the excitement, the happiness…everybody was so hipe up! Our first snorkelling trip…for most of them, it was their first time. However, that wasn’t an excuse for them not to give it a shot! I really admire their courage, bravery and guts to try out new things! I believe everyone was extremely excited over it. We even had a beach volleyball match in the evening. Really awesome! I was hoping we would have our own free and easy time at night but our Mq had programs ready for us. However, that still didn’t stop us from having some fun at the bar. Everytime I came back, it reminds me of the time I worked here. It was just 2 months but the memory stays. The activities we had were meaningful as they helped us to discover and understand ourselves better. I’ve realised how important it is to respect everyone and have one voice and direction where we all work hand-in-hand to achieve it! It was already 4am when we went to bed.
I thought it would be difficult to wake up in the morning. But I guess my excitement beat my sleepiness. Maria was leaving that morning so I wanted to make sure at least I bid farewell. Although the marine park has the most diverse form of biodiversity yet I could see it has deteriorated. Corals are dying…it’s sad to see that. Before our final trip, some of us walked along the beach to take some photos. Our last snorkelling spot was open sea…pretty amazing as everyone wanted an underwater photo. We also went snorkelling nearby the resort after we came back, just to see baby sharks and hopefully, a turtle too. The sea was rough but most insisted to go! Way to go!!! However, not all of caught a glimpse of a turtle but everyone had a good time. I was hoping again that on the second night we would have time for happy hour and luckily we had it. Unfortunately, I was so sleepy that I slept way past the time I promised my friend. There goes my 2 nights at Redang. However, we started our session at midnight and it only ended when the sun came out. What I realized was how we’ve always taken things for granted, especially our leaders. It was touching to know how much our leaders appreciate us and how much efforts they have put in for us…I’m so glad that I’m with them. Words can’t express my gratitude. 🙂
No time to sleep, just packed our stuffs and left the island. I wish it didn’t end so soon…before we went back to KL, we had a day trip at KT, visited the museum, crystal mosque, chinatown, pasar payang, batu buruk and floating mosque. Everyone was so exhausted that all of us fell asleep in the bus. It was only when the bus stopped for a break that we woke up. After that, we enjoyed our last moment together. Together we are one and you are not alone, then can you heal the world and make a climb! YES WE ENJOY! YES WE CAN!

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