Change of thinking

As my age increases, the way I think changes as well. I tend to see things slightly different from how I perceived them. However, there are still many things that I want to do and age won’t be a limiting factor to me. This month has been fabulous and surprising. First is Mq Henry’s 3E Leaders Trip at Redang Island. Shortly after that, I finally have my own car. I wasn’t sure if I was overwhelmed but I was more anxious I guess. I haven’t been driving for months, however, driving an auto car makes it a lot easier and convenient. Yesterday’s MMG was fantastic…Steven gave away a trip to HK for 20 lucky winners and still can’t believe the guy beside me got it…damn, it was so close! However, it was fun and I feel happy for him too. I’m really looking forward to this year’s IME. Nobody really knows where it will be held but I plan to go there with my partners!
Don’t dwell too long in the past but plan for the future and keep moving forward.

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