1788…after writing down quite some numbers, finally this is the number I got for my very first car!!!
I couldn’t really explain how I felt when I got my car…all the while I felt comfortable moving around using the public transportation and I wasn’t sure anymore since when the urge of having my own transport became so strong. It’s tough for me to make a decision on what car to buy, what colour is nice, whether auto or manual is better…etc. One thing I realised is the more opinions I asked for, the more confused I became and obviously more difficult to decide. Finally I settled down for a Myvy, auto and white in colour!! It looks awesome to me. 😉 I will never forget when I went to get my car…I was more afraid than excited. It was like receiving something I wasn’t ready for. The smell…really a new car…haha. However, after driving around a few miles, I became excited. It was still hard to accept the fact that I finally got myself a car. WSV1788 – that’s it! Mein Auto!!

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