East Coast Road Trip 2

I got back to KL last Friday…and on Monday I knew that I have to leave again. This time more time at Pahang…so this second trip started on Tuesday. Bentong – Triang – Kuantan – Muadzam Shah – Kuantan – Jengka – KT. I spent most of the time driving. In certain places, the scenery is just beautiful! It rained sometimes in certain areas but it has been raining non-stop at Terengganu. It’s officially the monsoon season now…as I’m lying on my bed, surfing the net, watching some series…I can hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. When it is a heavy rainpour, it can be annoyingly loud but when the rain is small, surprisingly I enjoy it. Since young, the monsoon season is the holiday period so most of the time I would spend my whole day in the room sleeping or reading books. I miss it! Waking up feeling so warm inside the blanket whereby the weather is so cool. Tomorrow I’m going to Kelantan and most probably coming back to KT before going back to KL.

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