MLM – a boon or a bane?

I received a courtesy email from my friend and clicked on the link. A window opened showing a forum of so-called MLM scams to be careful of. As I continued reading through, I find it, of course very informative but it makes me wonder is MLM a boon or a bane? I can be assured that most probably 10 out of 10 people might think badly of this industry. As I once heard, this is the most misunderstood industry in the entire world and it’s just so true. In my opinion, it’s a proven marketing strategy to market products. Besides, regardless of the economic crisis, it is still one of the main industry that contribute most in the economic growth. However, undeniably there are way too many companies nowadays that it does take time to find out whether it’s legalised or not. There are people who suceeded and earned fortunes but there are also many who didn’t. Think about it, if two person under the same company, same products, same marketing plan, same training…etc (but maybe different introducers), what are the real factors that determine why one is successful and the other one is not? In this industry, I’ve known people who had their lives changed for better and also those who ended up with debts. But to be on a safe side, it’s advisable to get legalised documents, never trust on verbal agreements!!! As all MLM do require a certain amount of fee for registration so never ever let anyone rush you into signing up. What I can say is never ever blame others on the decision we make. Everyone else might have something to say but then we are the one who make the final decision. Whether it is a boon or a bane, it’s an individual opinion. A person who gained in this industry will surely say it’s a boon, however it’s definitely a bane to a person who didn’t gain anything. There’s no free lunch in this world. MLM is highly rewarded but then I believe it comes with extremely hard work too.  No pain, no gain! One thing I like about this industry is, it emphasizes on positive thinking and believing in our dreams. The motivation is something that helps a lot in life. There are situations that are out of our control but then we can always control how we respond. Sincerely, I gained a lot, ups and downs like a rollercoaster but it is hell lotsa fun and excitement throughout the journey.

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