The beginning of 2010

– Professional interests continue to expand, Scorpio, and you’re managing to keep very busy. Your income is rising, and you could be achieving a certain prominence in your field. Nonetheless, you could be looking for new opportunities. The field you’re in now may not be one that you want to continue for the next 20 years. This is therefore a good day to put out a few feelers and test the waters. You might be surprised at the opportunities out there. –
What can I say? Just exactly how my situation is right now. Work has been keeping me really occupied recently. After 15 days travelling around the East Coast, I’m back at KL. I have been comfirmed. It’s a good news but it comes with a greater responsibility to do better and achieve more. All I can say is, it’s a learning process, day by day I meet new people, face new problems, see new sceneries, sleep in different hotels, try new food, and I pretty much enjoy it, other than the fact that it gets pretty exhausting at times. As long as I get to keep on upgrading myself, I’m fine with it as I know when things become a routine, I will be finding my way out.
I’ll be moving, hopefully by this weekend. I’m looking forward to stay with new housemates…should be fun. But then the whole packing up my stuffs is really a hassle…just hope to settle everything asap!!

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