Crossroad in life

It happens in life when we reach a certain age, and sometimes more than once. I’ve read an article in a magazine, saying if we focus too much on your goals in the future, it also means we are not entirely happy with our present. I hoped for a better today, wished that life would be different. What if…I made a different decision when I was at the crossroad? How would my life be now?
Lately, many people around me are making a life turning decision in their lives. One decides to fly…for a higher pay, a different lifestyle and a chance to travel around the world. One decides to work abroad…and it is definitely for a higher salary and better benefits. One is working at Borneo Island, way across the SE China Sea…well, although she was posted there, I still envy her. I have always wanted to live abroad…and sometimes I wonder why. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Whenever we are at a crossroad, only a decision can be made and that is it. I have made mine and if things work out, I will definitely be abroad real soon!! 🙂 But as we all know, human, we will always wonder how life would be for us if another path was taken in the first place.

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