What is life?

My last question – What is life? Nothing seems important anymore when in the end we still die and leave our lives. Then I read this from the book and it makes sense.
If people depart this world without fulfilling their obligations, whatever they may be, their birth as humans in this existence would be in vain as it had been neither beneficial to themselves nor to this world. Therefore, we should not neglect our duties and thus prepare ourselves to face death bravely and peacefully. It is important to reliase that we were born to this world to do some service for the wealth and happiness of mankind. We will be remembered by humanity more for what we have done for mankind than what we have done for ourselves. The Buddha says “Man’s body will turn to dust, but his influence and services remain”. When people see their own lives as being only a drop in an ever-flowing river, they will be moved to contribute their little part to the great stream of life.
I guess that is what life is about. Everyone has their roles to play on this world, the difference is whether it is significant or not.

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