A critical month for most people, as I heard, and definitely is for me.
First quarter of the year is over.
January – I was busy moving to the new condo. Took some time to enjoy the new environment, with housemates, internet line, etc, it just feels like home. Not forgetting lots of CNY shopping, spent more than I earned but thanks to the bonus in Feb, it sort of balanced it up.
February – I was a week at outstaion before I was ordered back to KL for the company’s reunion lunch. A few days before CNY, I bumped into someone’s car. Lucky for me, my car was repaired in time to drive back to KT for CNY. 10 days holiday for CNY, lots of visiting, eating, sleeping, watching movies…etc. However, my uncle was hospitalised, visited him a couple of times. His operation was successful though he was weak. Unfortunately, not more than one week after that, he passed way. Everything was in chaos. 3 days spent for the funeral. He was cremated at Kelantan. Basically none of us knew what to do! Bury? Cremate? Scatter the ashes into the sea? Place them in a temple? As days went by, life still goes on but then not all of us manage to face the truth.
March – Feeling anxious about the whole study abroad thing. Submitted about seven applications since last year. First good news was from University of Leeds. I was offered a place with a partial scholarship. Then University of East Anglia informed that they could not offer me a place. Not long after that, EMAE selection result was out. I was offered a place without the scholarship. I haven’t heard from the other universities yet.
I had a short conversation with my company’s consultant…apparently she consult on, hmm, pretty wide range of things, from planning for new hospitals, new departments, what to buy, what to include, equipments, furnitures, environmental, waste management, wiring…etc. 20 years of experience and now a registered consultant. Wow!!
Then I realised, to get something else, I actually have to give up what I have now. There are different things to learn and pursue on different paths. First is to continue with what I am doing now and make a career out of it. Second is to continue in the field I studied and make a career out of it. Both are tempting, thus making it harder to decide. As I always know, time limits me to consider for too long. The decision will come when the time is right.

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