I love weekends a lot! I always wish for a longer weekends, especially when I am working 5 1/2 days per week now. However, it seems to me that weekends pass by real fast…before I realise, it is Monday again. Last friday, there was a farewell party for one of our engineers. I didn’t expect him to quit. Well, I guess that sometimes we just do not see it coming. We went to Chilis…and due to my reputation, the guys kept on asking me to drink with them at another table and I did. Not so much of a wise choice as I was already full after the meal and to add in a few glasses of beer, I felt like my stomach was going to explode! Still, I had fun joining them. I could not really remember when was the last time I really drank, it seems like ages ago. I only remember the time in Swiss and at Redang. Other than that, I have not drank a lot. Sometimes we just need to have friends who drink as well, otherwise the fun is not there. Life can be fun, regardless of where we are! It is our choice! 😉 

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