Today’s Horoscope

Today’s horoscope – Too much is on your mind right now, Scorpio, and so you could have trouble sleeping. When you do manage to drop off, you could experience bizarre dreams. This is the only downside to your present situation, however. Everything else should be going very well. It might help to take a walk at night before you go to bed. This clears your head, gets the endorphins going, and works off excess energy.
I haven’t been sleeping well lately, have been dreaming a lot every night, which is crazy! I wake up feeling as if I haven’t slept yet. I guess I have too much going on lately. Worse, recently I received a call at around 8 something or before 9 in the morning, 7days per week! Totally interrupted my sleep! If it is my personal hp, I would have put it on silent mode! Too bad, it is my work hp that rings, I got no choice but to pick it up! I have resigned from work with a one-month notice so I will only be working until 15th of August! It isn’t an easy decision for me but after careful and serious consideration, I decided to quit and further studies. ;p

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