Swiss National Day!

Today is Swiss National Day…but since we are six hours ahead of them, it is still not 1st of August in Switzerland. It is a nice celebration, lotsa party, drinking, and not forgetting the fireworks! Totally miss Swiss! It would indeed be nice if I were there but I am now in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, I just drove back to KT from KL, AGAIN! One year of driving around, it is getting more and more tiring. It took like forever to reach KT today and I am so sleepy. Tomorrow I have a meeting to attend. Time is running out, another 14 working days and I am officially not working anymore. I am happy that I can further my studies, yet at the same time it is kinda sad to leave. I still have many things to settle, especially the student visa. I am feeling excited about everything! In my heart, I am thinking – Yes! Finally!! UK, here I come!

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