Free Trial at Facial First

I have wanted to write something on it but didn’t have the time to do so…
I knew about Facial First through Connie on her blog – Skin Deco. The thing that caught my attention is her end result photos, with significant less fine lines on her forehead. Then I read about microdermabrasion and it sounds very hi-tech! Anyway, I checked out their website and signed up for a free trial. It took them weeks later to call me and I have totally forgot about it. Anyway, I made an appointment on last Thu. I always know I have oily and sensitive skin, not forgetting large pores and occasionally break-outs especially a few days before period. That is the reason I don’t put high hope on facial treatment as I don’t see immediate result after treatment, at least not for the first time (everyone tells me that!!). Worse, there are times where I ended up having a red-faced and it usually takes at least one day for the redness to fade away.
When I first stepped into Facial First, I was greeted by their friendly staffs. They served me tea too! After filling up a form, a consultant attended to my skin condition. As I always hear, she mentioned it again that I have very sensitive skin, thus irritates easily and oily skin which causes clogged pores. I have a free Nutri Essensial Facial trial worth RM250 but she convinced me that I won’t see significant result only after one treatment so I signed up for another two sessions (I know I am easily influenced!!!) for RM380, hoping the treatment will really improve my skin’s sensitivity! My second and third treatments will be Nutri Immune – Sensitive/Fragile (to boost up my immune system) and Nutri Essensial Facial Treatment. Plus I got a toner!
After changing into their garment, I was brought into a small and cozy room. The ambient is comfortable and I wanted to sleep through the process but Joey was so sweet and she explained every single process she did on my face. Since it has been exactly one week ago, I don’t really remember the details but a rough process is as followed: cleansing (milk cleanser and facial foam) – toner – mircodermabrasion –  steaming – squeezing heads – mask & massage – toner – moisturizer – sunblock. The whole process took about 90min. When I left, my face felt smoother with lesser bumps and the best part I didn’t look like a tomato. However, my pores seemed to look the same before and after treatment. Guess I can’t expect a miracle to happen in 90min! Overall, I am satisfied with the treatment and service provided. I am looking forward for my next treatment, most probably going there next week.

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