When I reached home from KB yesterday, I checked my email and the subject “MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity Asia Scholarship” caught my attention. I clicked on the subject and as I read through the content, I couldn’t believe that I have been offered the scholarship which covers my full tuition fee!! Deep down in my heart, I felt happy but my head started to sort things out. It is not as simple as just accept it. I was very tired but then I couldn’t stop myself from getting more info from the Net.
The question is Leeds or Exeter?
I even wrote these two uni on two pieces of tiny papers, folded the papers and picked one.
First time – Exeter
Second time – Exeter
Third time – Exeter
Finally I was so tired, I decided to sleep. After I switched off the lights, my mind wouldn’t rest, I could feel it working (thinking and analyzing). So I made a draw again (in the dark!!!), ended up…
Forth time – Exeter!!
This is unbelievable!
So I listed down in my head things I need to settle when I wake up.
First, call up the visa application centre to consult about my current situation.
Second, double confirm if I will be offered for the total full amount of the tuition fee.
Third, if yes, then I will accept both the offer and scholarship from Exeter.
Forth, contact the Exeter accommodation to know if I could still be able to apply for a room, even after the application deadline.
Fifth, cancel the Leeds accommodation.
When I woke up, I received a SMS from the visa application centre stating that processed visa application is ready for collection! Ah, just great! I have been waiting anxiously for the past few days as I wanted to make sure I receive a visa before accepting the Leeds accommodation contract. However, I accepted it before I even got a visa as the dateline was due.  Just a few hours after I paid for the accommodation deposit, I received an email from Exeter saying that I have been offered a scholarship. I am glad and really appreciate what I have been offered…if only the timing is better! When I think back…certain parts of the journey make sense now. I was assigned a CAS from Leeds since April but whenever I wanted to go and apply for a visa, something came up. Even until the day I went to the center, I was told that I missed out a supporting letter from the bank so in the end, I only managed to apply for it a few days ago. This afternoon I spoke to someone from the visa application center about my current situation and found out that I will have to reapply for a new visa. So it is like doing everything again but this time I know how to do it! Wink

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