Farewell Drink

It has been more than 24 hours since I last slipped alcohol down my throat but my stomach is still upset. Too much of alcohol comsume, I guess? How much is too much? I went for a company’s dinner yesterday at Restoran Cerana – the only floating restaurant in the city. After the dinner, they planned for a second round, obviously it means drinking! To my horror (or should I take it as a compliment?), my boss said that he would pay as much as Seh Ling can drink! Crazy…in my head, I felt as if they wanted to get me drunk! I am not sure about my limit but I definitely don’t get drunk just after a few glasses of beer. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go…then my manager insisted that I go, at least once before I leave. In the end, eight of us went to Library which is not a place to study but a place to hang out and drink…haha! The atmosphere was nice because the music was not as loud as in a club so we could drink and chat. In the beginning, it felt kinda awkward drinking with my superiors but the tense feeling was gone after a few slips of alcohol. It didn’t take long for us to really mingle around. We had Hoegaarden and it tasted different but better from any other beers that we usually have. After two glasses of Hoegaarden, we continued with two bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Usually party is non-stop dancing with a few shots of alchohol. But this time it was non-stop alcohol with no dancing! Imagine, the whole night was drink, drink and drink! The alcohol effect only came way much later. During that time, I started to feel my head spinning and all I wanted to do is sleep. At one point, I even felt like rushing to the loo to puke! Yikes! That was when I knew I had too much and I was hurting my body…now my body is giving signals that I had too much! Even so, I can’t deny I had fun yesterday and it was indeed a blast!

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