Ninja Joe @ Tropicana Mall

Finally I had the chance to taste the famous PORK BURGER!! How often can you find it in Malaysia??
I was supposed to have dinner with Hayden at Murni but ended up at Tropicana Mall.
Our aim was clear – pork burger!!
We searched around for it and finally found it at the lower ground floor of the mall.
There was a lady wearing Kimono serving us at the counter.
We got totally excited with the flavours – Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Spicy and Big Boss!!
We ordered a set of six burgers and tada…
The ORIGINAL is my fav among all!!
When I was biting my second burger, I realised I had Mc’D Double Cheese Burger for lunch!
And now 3 burgers for dinner!!! Definitely gonna ban burgers from my meal for at least a few days or weeks!!
In short, I like their logos…but I love their pork burgers even more! ;p

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