Transition period from working to studying!

It has been half a month since I quit my job. Life has been great since! It used to be busy and hectic life, meeting customers, being caught in the jam and etc. Now it is sleeping, eating, watching movies, travelling around meeting up friends, surfing the net, shopping, singing karaoke, playing pool…and not forgetting all the things I need to do to fly to UK.
Finally I reached Phuket! I have been saying and thinking of going there since years ago but didn’t do so. Thanks to Shannon for accompanying me there as if wasn’t for her, this trip won’t be on at all! Although we flew separately, we both had fun there. It was just an hour flight from KL. I felt sleepy on my journey there since I didn’t have enough of sleep. We stayed at Ibis Hotel at Patong. I read a few reviews and didn’t expect much out of it but the hotel turned out to be pleasant and I just love it, despite of some minor misunderstandings about our booking. The only downside – it was raining season at Phuket so it rained and looked grey most of the time. Phuket is more fun than I ever imagined. Sightseeing around Patong was amazing…if only the weather was nicer. There are so much to do there that I realised a 4-days trip was barely enough to explore the island!! We decided on a few MUST do and see things at Phuket – a cruise to Phi Phi Island which included snorkelling, a day tour around Phuket Island, Thai massage, Thai cuisine, shopping, drinking and playing pool…etc. If I had a few more extra days, I would have gone for bungee jump, whitewater rafting, parasailing, elephant riding, monkey show and the list goes on! Therefore, I thought of planning a trip back to Phuket again! When I came back to Malaysia, I just couldn’t get enough of Thai food!!
After the relaxing trip to Phuket, I was back at KL facing reality – I had not apply for a visa. I will never forget the day I applied for it! Why? Imagine when I reached there at 8am or maybe a few minutes later, my Q number was 320!!! 320!!! CRAZY! The room was full with students! I waited until around noon just to get my documents checked! Then I had to continue waiting until 3.30pm to submit my documents. That was not the end of it, I still had to wait for my turn to scan my fingerprints and snap a digital photograph. By the time I left Wisma MCA, it was already 4pm. The best surprise of the day was when I inserted my parking ticket into the autopay machine and the display showed RM24! That was the most expensive parking fee ever! The enjoying part of the day was meeting so many Malaysians who are actually going to UK for studies. Common conversation – Which uni are you going to? What are you going to study? How long have you been waiting here? Since when were you here? At certain moments, the waiting was really killing me!! It felt like forever…I am glad the staff were really nice and friendly.
So after I applied for a visa, all I could do was wait. While I was thinking whether to go back to hometown or not…then it struck me that I might as well head North to Penang to meet my friends. I took a bus to Penang on Friday, with a plan to come back to KL on Monday but I ended up coming back on Tuesday. It was nice hanging out with Phui Yee and Samantha. Most of the time I just stayed home at Samantha’s place but it was cool. Since my main purpose going there was to hang out with them so it didn’t really matter where we were. Even so we still went to a few places – Kek Lok Si Temple, Gurney Drive, Queensbay…and tried a few variety of food – Satays, Korean BBQ, Mediterranean food, Baskin Robbins, Hakka Mee, Nasi Daun… I just feel that I will definitely miss them when I am away.
Now I am back at KL to pack my stuff. I need to clean up my room, clear my stuff as I will be leaving in less than one month period. My room is in a total mess now and I will just have to continue packing after I wake up. Most importantly, I hope to get the visa asap as there are still so many things to settle – flight ticket, travel insurance, lotsa shopping to do, medical and dental check-up…etc!

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