One week in the UK

Time flies…months ago I was imagined about how life would be when I reach UK. Now I am already here for one week! Life has been so far really great! I flew with Qatar Airways, really not up to the standard as compared to SIA or MAS!!

When I reached London, all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn’t contact my friend so I bought a SIM card. Stupid thing was the machine didn’t return my change so I actually paid a few pounds extra (approximately RM40) which is a lot for me! I was so glad to see Suat Cheng finally! We took the underground to her cousin’s house which was pretty far from the airport. Although it was sunny, the wind was cold! I was so glad to get into the apartment! I ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. We only went out for dinner at Chinatown.


I felt dreadful when I thought of dragging the heavy luggage all the way to my university! I took the Meet and Greet Service at LHR. The coach was late, it only left at 9.45am. I met Freya from China but she studies at Streatham Campus. The journey was about 3 hours and we stopped once. I slept too in the bus, woke up a couple of times but still felt sleepy. My journey didn’t end at Streatham Campus as I needed to take another coach to Cornwall Campus at Penryn which took another 2 hours plus! There were five of us on the coach. The scenery was magnificant! Sheeps, hills, cows…totally countryside! I felt myself being further and further away from city, sort of isolated!

I was so glad when we finally reached the campus. It felt like forever to get there! We registered, took our accommodation keys and goodies bag before heading to our rooms. I stayed at Glasney Parc, Block J. Thank God, it is the nearest block to the main buildings on campus! The room is spacious, I have a double bed and the en-suite is so nice! However, I didn’t have a chair, a telephone and my key wasn’t working! Even surprising was there was no pillow, blanket, cuvet, hangers…so doomed! Luckily I took a blanket from the plane so at least I wouldn’t freeze to death on my first night at Cornwall!

Glasney Parc

Porter's Lodge

One week here, I met many students from all over the world! We had been hanging out a lot, shopping, cooking, having meals, partying, drinking, playing cards, registrations, talks…etc! I really love Welcome Week! Everyone was so friendly and nice! It really helped to adapt to the life here and not feeling homesick! However, when the term starts, life is going to be different! Busy, hectic, crazy!! Hopefully we would still find time to hang out together!

Night Out at Falmouth

Explore De Fal

Christie, Kathrina, Kelvin

Aldon, Salim, Seh Ling

First Clubbing In The UK

Sonia, Christie, Kathrina, Seh Ling, Devil

Lasse - The Chef


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