I love Cornwall!!!

When I was on the way to Cornwall from London, I felt I was going further away from the happening city! Undeniably, the scenery here is beautiful and a plus side to it – wonderful weather which still rains sometimes.

I really have to admit, despite of being far away from any cities, I start to love Cornwall! It sucks to know I am only studying here for a year. Both Christie and Lasse said it’s bad that I finish masters in one year time. I wished I were an undergraduate and be here for 3 years!

I never expected life to be so great here! I am just so lucky to have a bunch of really crazy and fun friends! I have not started any classes but I did attend an outdoor first aid course which wasn’t as tough as I imagined it. The trainers were good and they made the whole course really interesting and practical.

Moreover, there are so many societies and activities to join over here! I am almost out every evening, partying, drinking, clubbing…etc! I can’t really remember how many societies I signed up for – Choir, Music, Surfing, Sailing, International, Debate, Bowling, Wake, Newspaper, Horse Riding, Politics…and the list goes on…I don’t even know if I will have the time to actually join any!

All I can say is this is totally how I imagined uni life to be! Study is a must but I am definitely gonna live my life and enjoy to the MAX!

4 thoughts on “I love Cornwall!!!

  1. 3 years are too long for you, you’ll get fed up in one year time as usual.Lol, what to do? think of your next destination and hope i have the chance to send you off in London Airport!!! Muahaha

  2. Haha…never thought of that!!! But one year passes by really fast…and I’m planning what to do or where to go next!!! Haha, are you sure you wanna send me off AGAIN?

  3. Yea…running in London definitely would be better than in Malaysia (if you left your jacket again,no!,get the tool from Doreamon pls!)Lol.

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