Best Birthday Ever!

Unexpected surprise birthday party! It was great enough to have a bunch of friends showing up at 12am with a birthday cake, wishing me Happy Birthday! Time flies and waits for no one…it is still hard to believe I am already 27 years old, really feeling older now. Just as I thought I was going to spend my birthday in the library as my friends said they had assignments to do, they were actually busy planning for another surprise! It was weird though seeing Christie in my kitchen but I was too tired to think and I wanted to sleep so badly. They lured me away to the Stannary but I was too sleepy to even wanna do anything!

When I got back to my flat, I couldn’t get into my room. Anna and Sonia came into my flat, which was so weird. Debi thought my key was already in my room but we could not open the door. I already felt weird and sensed something going on…I asked Sonia if they were up to something but she said no. Anna kept on jumping along the corridor, saying she needed to go to the loo! I really bought what they said. Just as I started to get frustrated for not being able to go into my room, someone opened the door from inside my room! Voila!!! There were so many people in my room! Balloons, banners…etc! I was so surprised! I certainly did not expect them doing this! When we went to the kitchen, there were even more food and drinks! Plus another birthday cake!

All I can say is thank you and I appreciate every little bit of it! I know how much efforts you all put into this!  This is like the best ever birthday surprise I ever had, mainly because I had you all celebrating with me! I had so much fun and partying at Remedies was fabulous!!! Friends forever! 


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