It is past 4am now…I am exhausted and my feet hurt so much! Yet I am awake. Time flies so fast and Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Life has been hectic lately with assignments. I can’t remember when did I last party. I am occupied most of the time, attending classes, playing the piano, hanging out in the library, doing assignments but I think most of the time was spent hanging out with friends and chatting!! I am definitely not having enough of sleep. This week has been crazy but great! It snowed and I got so excited!!! The best part was we got an extension on our literature review due to the weather! Snow, hail, rain, thunder, sun…everything at a time, which was bizarre!! The temperature drops dramatically and it is freezing cold now. However, I felt so glad that it is really warm in my room, even without turning the heater on! 🙂

The first weekend in December has been great! I went to Truro with Debi. We wanted to get a train but we only found out the train was not operating due to the weather, again, so we had to catch a bus, which was more expensive. Christmas shopping was great but really exhausting. I bought a pair of comfy boots (love them so much), a pair of waterproof hiking shoes, Christmas cards and wrappers. I realised I still need to buy a few items for the Kenya field trip. Suddenly realised I’m going to spend so much! Money is never enough!

I was not really looking forward for the Christmas Ball as parties in the Stannary usually sucks. I only woke up after 8pm as I really needed to sleep, otherwise I would be so sleepy! I missed the predrinks but it was alright. It was past 10pm when Debi and I finally walked to the Stannary. I was so glad that it rained one day earlier as the ice was gone so it was alright to walk in heels! The road was slippery before that. When we reached the Stannary, Debi realised she left her ticket in her room so we went back again. Anna and Jie were outside of my flat. Anna wanted to go back to her room as she was sad. I felt so bad as I promised her I would go to the ball but I was late. I was so happy when she finally agreed to go back to the Stannary. 🙂

It was not that happening when we got there. Christie and Sonia were already dancing. We met Will outside and he looked nice in a suit. I really envy guys as they can just wear a coat and stay warm whereas ladies have to stand outside in the cold in dresses! When I first got to London, I saw ladies walking down the street in only dresses and my first impression was ~ Crazy!!! How did they do it? It was so cold!! I even said no way I would ever do that! Surprise surprise, I did it and it was still Autumn so I said no way I am doing it in Winter! Well…and I did it again…wearing just a dress, legging and a scarf, walking in the cold to the Stannary for the Christmas Ball! It turned out to be so much better than I thought. I had so much fun with all of them!!! I did not even want to leave…haha!! Miss clubbing so much but now my legs are suffering from pain! I wished I can just go for foot massage, I need one now!!!

I really can’t wait for Christmas holiday!!! I want to go to Switzerland and see my host family so much! I haven’t seen them since three years ago and I feel so excited already but before that, I have four assignments due. Just by thinking about these assignments, I can feel me freaking out inside! By hook or by crook, the assignments will be submitted by the deadline but quality is what matter the most, just like my mum always say ‘If you want to do something, do your best’!!

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