2011 – New Year

Year 2010 has been a great year!!! It came to an end and now it is year 2011! As much as I hate to be a year older but I am really looking forward for the new year! I experienced two different lifestyles last year – working life and student life, and both were really amazing!

Jan – August: Work, work and more work! Not forgetting lotsa travelling around the Peninsular Malaysia. The best thing being a sales executive is the time flexibility and freedom. It is an interesting job as it is challenging. The most important thing I learned working as a sales executive is networking and communication skills! It is important to listen to customers. As usual, customers are always right since they are the ones paying! After one year working with Fero-Medic, I had travelled to most of the places in the East Coast, including the most remote places like the oil-palm estates… I will always remember when I first drove through the tiny road with only oil-palm trees surrounded me. It looked peaceful. These places were like kampung…if anything was to happen, it would be pretty scary. As time passed by, I travelled more often to these places and it did not seem to be that bad anymore. The sales for the first two quarters of the year was not that satisfying, merely hitting any targets. Before the end of June, I received a call from my company saying that we got the contract for the UMT X-ray project, which was a near to 1 million sales. I was in shocked as none of us put much hope on that project. I thought I must had heard it wrongly. However, a staff from UMT called and confirmed the news! I was overwhelmed, thus called my manager and boss to informed the good news! Both of them said good job and well done! I was really excited about it but at the same time pretty clueless of what to do next. I am grateful that my superiors had given me full support and help while I was handling the project. It was during that moment that I received a scholarship to further my studies in the UK. It was a tough decision. I could either build a career in sales or continue what I studied and start to build a career in conservation biology. In sales, I have time flexibility and higher pay but I can’t imagine myself driving around getting sales in my late life. A career in conservation would be totally different. The pay won’t be as lucrative as in sales but it would be something I enjoy doing. At least I know I won’t be working in the office the whole time. Fieldtrip is always interesting, especially working with animals! After thinking hard for a few weeks, I decided that I would continue Masters. The only difficult thing was to break the news to my superiors. I was lucky that they were supportive about it. I gave a one-month notice and worked until mid August. After that, I took a vacation to Phuket with Shannon! I really loved it there, a nice and cheap place for holidays! The food was delicious and shopping was insanely cheap!

September – December: After I came back, I started preparing for UK. Visa application, flight ticket, accommodation, packing, shopping…etc. I managed to go to Penang, JB and Malacca to visit my friends and relatives. I had cold feet a few days before I left. I felt like I did not have enough time to spend with my friends and family and I already had to leave. Before I realised, I was already at the airport waiting to depart. Even the journey to the airport was insane! It was raining heavily that day and I left my jackets at home. Luckily Hayden and my bro went back to get them for me. I knew the journey from KL to Penryn would take forever, transit at Doha, overnight at London and a long bus drive to Penryn. However, I love my campus so much! This place is really isolated from the rest of the world but I love the environment here. Everyone is friendly and helpful. On the downside, things seem to move in a slower pace. Before long, I started knowing many students from different countries. The friendship with all of them is the best thing in UK and it makes life so interesting and occupied the whole time! Studying abroad really showed me a different insight on many things. What I treasure most is the knowledge I gained on conservation. Despite knowing that I won’t be earning much being a conservationist but I enjoy doing what I study. The uni term here is really short, before we all knew, it was already Christmas holiday! While I reached UK, I contacted Gabi and said I want to go to Swiss for Christmas and she said ok!!! I was really excited to be back in Swiss…although the journey from Penryn to London was quite long but when I was at the airport, I already felt so happy!!! I was even happier that when I reached Zurich, all I heard was Swiss German! It was not like I could understand Swiss German very well but it was the feeling of being in a place where people only speak Swiss German made me so excited! It was great to see my host family and friends again, visited Zurich city, went snowboarding in Hochwang, sledging in Arosa and indulged in Swiss food…However, my wallet was stolen!! Arghh…but as my host Dad said, be optimistic!!! =) I celebrated Christmas and New Year in Swiss. It was not anything glamorous, just spent time with my host family.

I believe year 2011 will be another great year!!!


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