Costa Rica

After months of anticipation, I finally reached San Jose, Costa Rica. As a Malaysian, I definitely need an entry visa to enter this country. However, with a UK student visa, there is an exemption. Since mine expires within 6 months period, it means I had to apply for one. Malaysians are allowed to stay in Costa Rica for 30 days and I am supposed to be working with Sea Turtle Conservancy for about 3 months so I needed to apply for a tourist extension visa.

It wasn’t until I was on the flight that I realised the whole journey from London to San Jose was going to take almost 20 hours, with two transits at Amsterdam and Panama. The moment I left England, all I hear is foreign languages. It can be quite helpless not able to understand anything but luckily, I managed to get by. Everyone speaks Spanish here and all I could say is no Español. I am glad that everything is fine until now and I managed to apply for the extension visa. Silly me for not getting a dictionary but after quite a few attemps to communicate with the locals, I am determined to learn Spanish and by learning I mean FAST!

I checked into Costa Rica Guesthouse, which is really a great place to stay! The staff are really helpful and friendly. In general, people are really nice, just that I don’t have a clue what they are trying to tell me (if it is not in English). I have five days at San Jose before starting to work at Tortuguero on Monday. I had settled the official matters today so for the rest of the stay here, I will just relax and enjoy myself!


Costa Rica is absolutely amazing! I believe I will make the most out of the stay here and hopefully I will be able to converse in Spanish real soon! XD

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