Sea Turtle Conservancy at Tortuguero


I am glad that I took the longer but cheaper route to Tortuguero from San Jose. The 5 – 6 hours journey was good. Carolyn and I took a bus from San Jose to Cariari, then changed another bus to get to La Padova to catch a boat. We met up with a few other research assistants, Andy, Ani, Delfina and Gigi, at Cariari. The scenery all the way looked like in Malaysia. Everything was green – coconut trees, cows, hibiscus…etc, just like the ride to Kuala Terengganu from the west coast! When we reached Tortuguero Village, we walked to the field station. That walk was no joke! It was so hot and I was sweating like shit! It felt really good to reach the destination!

The RAs from the first programme were still around for a few days. Catalina, our field coordinator, gave us a brief tour around the field station. It didn’t take long to settle down. All the RAs are SUPER friendly!!! I met Bjorn, Borja and Nestor later that day. The accommodation is simple but comfortable. Toilets are clean and there is hot shower!! Best part is every meal are prepared by the best cook ever – Juanita! Laundry and cleaning is done by the staffs too! Everything was beyond my expectations and at that moment, I knew I will definitely enjoy working here! 

STC Visitor Center

RA Accommodation

Eco-volunteer Accommodation

Jetty (the best place to do yoga!)

Caribbean Sea


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