Back in action!

After 3 nights off, I was back for the night patrol. First time with Andy and Björn, all the non-Spanish speakers, patrolling from 8pm-12am, knowing that we definitely had to talk to spotters who speak only Spanish. I was afraid I might slow the guys down but it was a good night! We actually walked until mile 1/8 and worked with 5 turtles. After I checked the first turtle that was limpiando, Andy asked jokingly “Are you sure? You might get rusty after a few nights off!” It definitely felt good to be back in action. We worked with the presence of tourists. I gotta say the spotters and guides had been really friendly. On our way back, Andy was loquiando twice searching for turtles! It sounded really funny when Björn said “Andy es muy loco!” We got back a few minutes before 12am.

I had a morning survey with Ani, plus a family – Beth, Danielle, Daviana, Kiara, David and Julian. We divided them into two groups. I did the tracks count with Danielle, Daviana and Kiara. Then they switched at mile 2, where Beth, David and Julian joined me. We did two nest excavations. The first nest, we counted 106 egg shells and 2 eggs. One of it was a full embryo! The second nest was more exciting! When we measured the nest, we got a triangular, therefore we started to dig at three edges of the triangular. The advantage of having 8 people in a team, 2 of us dug a hole on each edge. I managed to poke the place where the sand was soft and Kiara dug deeper. She found the first egg shell. Ani continued to dig the rest of the nest while I counted the egg shells and there were 100 of them. Everyone was really excited when Ani said there was a live hatchling!! While they were busy taking turns to hold the tiny creature, Ani opened up 31 unhatched eggs which didn’t develop into embryos. When we finished, we were not sure whether or not to release the hatchling. It looked really weak and had a deformed left flipper. The weather was very hot and we thought she may not make it if we release it. We decided to bury it so that it can emerge later. However, when it was inside the hole, we noticed it had trouble climbing up due to the deformed flipper so we released it near the sea. It was really a fun morning for all of us. I am really glad the children saw a hatchling!


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