Canopy tour

I thought it was just me who find the term “canopy tour” kind of inappropriate until I heard Björn talking about it. Saying canopy tour is like mountain tour, river tour…etc so what exactly is a canopy tour? A tour in the tropical forest to see canopy? It is actually like flying fox where one glides along a cable. As RAs for STC, we were given discount. It was the first time for most of us so it was exciting. Anyone who fears of height may have trouble doing it. However, the one we did wasn’t that high up above the ground. Carolyn’s dad had a heart attack while doing it.

It is an easy sport. Hmm…sport? Maybe game. We didn’t have to do anything. The guides did everything, securing our clips to the cable, helped us down…the only exercise we did was climbing the stairs up a tree and braking ourselves. Juan, the guide, spoke a lot but mostly in Spanish and I really had no clues what he said most of the time. My point is he was funny! I guess more than half of the time was spent waiting for the rest of the group to glide. I didn’t see many wildlife, just a scorpion. The last glide was the longest and the best!!

Everyone had fun to be away from the station and do something different. We have to thanks Cata for that as she was the one who organized the trip! I was real tired after a 4-hour morning survey and a canopy tour. Hence, sleep was the only solution to it!!!

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