Just me and you…

Borja said yesterday “Tonight we have a patrol together, just me and you…” and that sounded very funny because I have to add “…plus Doris and TURTLES!!!” For the first time, I put on a short-sleeved shirt as Luis (our weather predictor) said it may rain after 12am. So thinking that if I had to put on the rain jacket, I might as well wear short-sleeved shirt so that it would not get too hot under the jacket. I just hate it when I start sweating and everything becomes so wet! Well, to our luck, it didn’t rain so the jacket was in the backpack the whole time. As usual, being the favourite one for mosquitoes, they started attacking me and I had bites on my elbow and palm!!! A few of them wondered why would mosquitoes bite on a palm but in my case, they feed on wherever place they could find on my skin!

We worked with three turtles. The first two left while Borja was checking the tags. Due to that, I had to take the measurements while Borja covered the eyes. We wanted Doris to do it but it was probably better to find one that was covering up or camouflaging. We found the third turtle while she was about to lay eggs. Doris saw the process and we waited until she finished. This time Doris had the chance to take the measurements and do the body check. We were hoping the last turtle would be ready when we got back to her, however, to our dismay, she started digging the forth egg chamber and we did not have enough time to wait for her. We decided to leave. Nothing interesting that night but it was really good to get know Doris!

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