Down moments in life

I have the night off today with Borja, Ani, Björn and Cata. I suggested watching Transformers 3. As usual, it is action-packed. Sexy gal Megan has been replaced. It was sure good to see Bumblebee again but the movie is kinda predictable. At some point, I think I was falling asleep. Earlier before the movie, I was helping Björn to shoot a portrait of Cata. After a few trials, we finally got three good shots! I’m not a photographer but I enjoy taking photos and I’m considering getting a good camera.

Despite of the good night off, I started feeling a little bit down after receiving an email from an Associate Professor regarding my enquiry on research assistant. Being truthful, she did not think I am competitive for the position due to the lack of spatial training in distance sampling, which I totally agree to. However, it really makes me think, after getting a masters, I’m pretty much the same as before. An additional academic achievement on the CV definitely does not count for the lack of experience in the field, which is still something I need to work on. I seriously wonder if I ever gonna get a job after I finish my internship here but I really do want and need to work! I just hope I’ll find something soon.

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