Just another day with surprises

Boca is becoming my favourite beach as I have been doing patrols and surveys on this side of the beach for more than a week! I barely remember how Park looks like. When I woke up for the morning survey, I saw sunlight from the room, indicating it was going to be a hot morning. Doris and Debra joined us. We took a boat to mile -1/8 and started walking towards the station.

It has always been longer with volunteers around as it takes more time to explain and show them how to do the tracks count, check for new and marked nests. Debra and Doris are awesome! The number of turtles has dropped a lot lately. Debra and I saw one uptrack and another unfamiliar track, which looked like a hawksbill track (just a wild guess but it was definitely not a green turtle). Then Björn shouted for us from the vegetation, pointing on a drag mark on the sand. Deep down I knew she was poached while she was leaving. I followed the trail into the vegetation, found one egg and to my horror, a poached turtle with no flippers. There were a few eggs (plus yolks that didn’t form into eggs yet) around her. Within 5 feet from it was the bottom carapace with the inner part facing up. I could see some green tissues and blood, I guess that’s the reason they are known as green turtlles. Before we left, we saw a knife lying among the vegetation but too bad we do not have a CSI team here! Björn also took photos of the unknown track. We were uncertain if was a hawkbill but if she was poached, unlike the green turtle, she wasn’t flipped over.

We walked for quite some time and didn’t see anymore tracks. NADA for each one eighth of the mile until finally three turtles but sadly to say, all of the nests were poached. The sun was burning on my skin and I couldn’t wait to get back. It was beach cleaning day and they only started past 8am. We came across Delfina and her group near to the station. We were hesitating whether or not to join them. Our legs said no but our conscience said we should. However, we did not go in the end. I had a cold shower and went online. Voila!!! Di wrote a message saying our results were out. I haven’t checked mine because I’m afraid I did badly and it would ruin my time here. Carolyn graduated with a distinction!

Ich muss es sagen, es war mega heiss! Ich weiss nicht mehr, wieviel mal ich geduscht habe. I just sweat immediately just right after I got out of the shower, echt schlimm. Thanks to Cata, we went to Laguna Lodge for a swim! I love their pool as it is bigger and the water is cool. We played the shark game and just spent the rest of the evening soaking in the pool. We had to walk back after that. I was tired, went straight to bed after dinner.

I had to drag my ass out of the comfy bed four hours later as I had the midnight patrol with Borja and Debra. We had some luck finding three turtles within the first half-mile walk. All three were new turtles with no tags on them. It was past 2am then. For the next two hours, we were just walking. The sky was clear, lots of estrellas, really beautiful. I saw three shooting stars. A few times the waves came in really fast and Borja was too slow and the waves just washed up his legs. I’m glad I had waterproof shoes on. We got back the station at about 4am – perfect timing! It had been a good day but I so need my beauty sleep now!


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