Once again…

Ever since I have been here, I had to say bye to four RAs – Nestor, Gigi, Abelardo and Bernardo! Bidding farewell is never easy as things get emotional. I still have three weeks left at Tortuguero and I am not entirely ready to leave, even though the nesting season is almost coming to an end.

Yesterday night was another night patrolling in the rain. Björn and I went to Boca and walked until mile -1/8 and missed a turtle, probably didn’t even lay any eggs. There were whole lot of tourists waiting there. As we walked nearer towards the river mouth, it started to rain heavily. Thunder and lightning came at almost the same time. We decided to take shelter under the trees at entrance 2. I was amazed by how clearly one can see the beach from the vegetation, it was as if I was looking through the eyes of a poacher or jaguar. From the beach, everything looks pitch black near the vegetation.

When turned back and wanted to take a break at mile 1 5/8 but we saw Santos somewhere at mile 1, telling us there was a turtle at Mawamba. Mawamba was at 2 3/8!! We were more than one mile from the turtle and Santos said it was limpiando. We were not sure if we would miss it. We walked faster and reached Mawamba at about 11pm. There were lots of tourists waiting. A spotter told us it was huequiando. We waited with the tourists. The rain stopped at about 10.20pm but I was already soaked wet from head to toe. We both sat on a log and it started to feel cold. We waited until 11.30pm and saw the spotter giving permission for the guides and tourists to go closer. Unfortunately, the turtle abandoned the egg chamber and started looking for a new site with a group of tourists surrounding it. I was surprised that it did not leave.

We did not have ample time to work with the turtle so we left and hopefully the next group would be able to work with the turtle. Walking for hours in the rain and not be able to work with a single turtle really sucks!!! We still need 39 new turtles!!! Damn!!!


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