Special Week

Besondere Woche weil die Frauen drei Naechte frei Zeit hatten. Ausser das, es war nicht besonderes. Kurzlich hat es viel geregnet, fast jede Nacht! Ich mag es nicht, dass ich arbeiten muss wenn es regnet aber so schlimm ist es nicht.

1st patol with Björn at BOCA: It rained very heavily. I had raincoat on but eventually I was soaked wet from head to toe. The first turtle already left when we reached and it did not even lay any eggs. There were so many tourists that night. We stopped for quite some time when the downpour became heavier and the thunder and lightning were so intense. We walked until mile -1/8 and turned back. We planned to stop at around Laguna but when we saw a spotter, he said there was a turtle near Mawamba. We walked immediately towards Mawamba, not knowing if we would reach before it left. It was still digging the egg chamber when we got there. Many groups of tourists were waiting. We waited for more than half hour, the rain had stopped and it started to feel chilly. I was not sure what the cause was but the turtle abandoned its egg chamber and started loquiando for a new site. We did not have enough time to wait so we left.

2nd patrol with Andy at BOCA: The rain had stopped during our shift. During the whole night, we only saw two turtles’ tracks and we managed to work with one of it, which was also the same one Geiner and Orlando worked half way. The turtle was on the beach for at least 3 hours. We got back to the station earlier, at about 3.25am. I was glad that the next time when they did the survey, there were only two turtles that came ashore. Well, at least there was no turtle after we left.

Extra patrol with Geiner at PARK: I said 5 turtles before we left. The rain stopped before we left but there were still raindrops pouring down. There were no turtles all the way until Mile 5. We both decided to walk further. We found the first turtle limpiando past Mile 5 so we continued walking and saw the second camoflando and the third beyond Mile 5 4/8 which was also camoflando. When we came back to the first turtle, it changed a new site was digging the egg chamber so we walked until Mile 4 6/8 and found a turtle digging an egg chamber. We decided to go back to the one at Mile 5 but when we got there, it had not finished the egg chamber. We had to walk back to Mile 4 6/8 and rushed back to Mile 5 again. Although we had 4 turtles but none were new. The last turtle we found was saliendo and we did not have enough time to wait. On the way back, we found tracks of 2 jaguars at entrance 45 and another tracks at Mile 3 3/8.

3rd patrol with Geiner at BOCA: It was one of the night with a lot of turtles. We worked with 3 turtles before we reached Laguna. I counted the tracks and when we reached Mile -1/8, there were 11 turtles. We had a 15 minutes break before continuing back. We only saw one turtle on the way back but it was still limpiando so we left. It was a good night, no rain and learned many Spanish words!

4th patrol with Björn at BOCA: One week ago, we were walking in the rain. It was raining so we waited for half an hour before leaving. We met one spotter on the way, telling us there was no turtle on the 5-mile beach. Near to Mile 1, we came across Santos and Diego. Santos said he was walking towards Mile 0 so we all walked together. Although there was no turtle, we had a really interesting and informative conversation with Santos. It was really hard to try to listen and catch the words we knew so that we could figure out what he was saying. I have been here for 9 weeks and this was the first time I ever talked so much with a spotter. I never really spoke to them, except to ask “Hay tortuga?” and usually I didn’t understand what they said.

Die Zeit geht schnell vorbei. Nur noch zwei Woche in Tortuguero…wir brauchen noch 14 und dann haben wir 1000 neue Schildkröte!  Ich möchte gar nicht gehen! Ich mag es hier sehr! Hoffentlich komme ich wieder zurück. It would be so cool!

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