Orlando’s Week

Apart from Tuesday, I have a shift with Orlando everyday or night. Sometimes I wished I could have a different partner to work with in each shift but looking on the bright side, working with Orlando means no inglés, solo español!  Hopefully I will be able to at least converse in basic Spanish. The week started off really good. It still rains but not during my shift. The first night, we only managed to work with one turtle and it was not a new turtle. The second one was with lots of tourists and it left when I checked for tags. The second night with Björn, we also had only one turtle. Since it has been raining a lot lately, when it didn’t rain, I realised how much I enjoyed walking on the beach under the moonlight, hearing the sound of the waves engulfing the shoreline, feeling the touch of the gentle cold breeze (sometimes warm), seeing the sky full of stars and moving clouds, plus occasionally some shooting stars. I love the sea so much! It has a thing to calm me down and make me happy!

My Pala-Chan MP3 is broken. As much as I hate to admit it, tears actually came pouring down my cheeks. I found it in a L-shape and also splitted into two. I couldn’t find one of the button. I have had it with me since I bought it in 2007 and now it is gone. Surprisingly, it still works but I guess eventually it will not. I know what is done is done as time cannot be reversed. I wished that I had not charged it because otherwise it would still be good! Echt dumm! Vielleicht jetzt kann ich ein neues kaufen aber ich mag Pala-Chan sehr!

It is my bro’s birthday today, which is also the reason I am still up so that I can Skype with him and hopefully with my family too! XD

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