11.11.11 – die Hochzeit von Angela und Urs

I always thought it is an Asian thing to get marry on special dates like 10.10.2010, 09.09.2009, 08.08.2008…etc. Apparently it is pretty universal. My host sister married on 11.11.11! It was not part of my plan to go to Swiss directly from South America but I thought, what the hell, it is not like I have anything more worthwhile to do in the UK. Besides I would rather stay at home, no offense but the weather just sucks in England. I flew to Zürich the night before her wedding day. I had been flying so much lately but I haven’t got sicked of it. 2.11.11 ~ San José – Lima – Rio de Janeiro, 5.11.11 ~ Rio – Florianópolis, 8.11.11 ~ Florianópolis – Rio – Paris – London and 10.11.11 ~ London – Zürich. Really tiring at some point, especially waiting to board the flight.

11.11.11 has hell a lot of number one! Lucky for me, the guests only arrived after 12pm and I did not have to wake up until past 11pm! The ironic part was I was back at the airport again for four days consecutively because she was going to register at the old airport tower. I am not sure how original this is but I never have a friend who registers in a tower. It was really cool when I stepped out the house and saw a limo outside. Never did I expect we would be driving in a limo!! Damn!!! People always talk about getting a limo for prom or graduation party but I knew I would never afford to even rent one. I was really excited to get into the limo. Hell, like my host dad said “totally Lady Gaga!!” It was my first time being in a limo, drinking Smirnoff Ice and watching MV on a screen! At that moment, I realised I have many first time experiences in Switzerland. A year living here and I thought there should not be anything more that would astonish me but I was very wrong. Being in a limo was definitely my first experience and I have to admit, it felt real cool! After the registration, there was a celebration party near our house. It was great to see familiar faces again.

Liebe Angela und Urs, ich wünsche euch nur das Beste in das Leben!! Danke vielen mal für alles!

The celebration did not end so early. We went for dinner together at Tisch und Wohnkultur. It is interesting to attend wedding in other country as the culture is different. Unlike Chinese, the wedding dinner is grand and many relatives and friends are invited. It is usually a ten-course dinner. This wedding dinner had six course – Apéro, 1. Gang, 2. Gang, 3. Gang, 4. Gang and Dessert. The chef even explained each course which was served with the right wine.

Tisch und Wohnkultur (www.tisch-wohnkultur.ch)

Apéro + Clos St. Bernard brut J-J. Steiner, Vully

1. Gang - Teigtäschchen mit Rüebli und Aprikosen, Brie de Meaux mit Orangencaramell auf Blattsalat + Chardonnay 2010 (Jürg Saxer, Neftenbach)

2. Gang ~ Marronisuppe mit Pancetta + Bianco d'oro 2010 (Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona)

3. Gang ~ Zander-Lach-Terrine mit Gemüsechips + Seftiger Lumi 2009 (Weinmanufaktor, Bern)

4. Gang ~ Appenzellerfilet an Mascarponesauce mit Polentaherzen + Tete a tete 2009 (Weingut Lindenhof, Osterfingen) & Oro Rosso 2009 (Teniment dell'ör, Arzo)

Dessert ~ Malakoff Spezial Törtchen + Schoggimousse surprise + Vermicelle

I really love Switzerland so much and deep down I know it is because I have a wonderful host family! Swiss has become my home in Europe and Gabi is my European mum, a very crazy host mum but I love her!! Jürg is like the coolest dad one can ask for. Benito, my host brother, is definitely cool and crazy since he got both genes from the parents. Angela, my host sister, is a month younger than me but I think she is way matured than me! 10 years had passed by and I think I am still the same, besides nobody ever believed that I am 28 years old! All I can say is, it is really good to be back in Swiss. I definitely miss all the party and fun!

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