Dad: hi seh ling! are you there?
Me: yes, I was doing gardening
Dad: what wind leads you 2 do dat? at home you never do dat!
Me: saje, nothing to do here. besides it is not hot here so i don sweat. it was fun though

Removed the plants

Garden deco

Hahahaha…as expected, my parents would be so surprised if they ever found out that I did gardening. I had never enjoyed gardening back home as the weather is so hot. Let me break it down – hot sun, sweat everywhere, mosquito or insect bites, dirt… However, in temperate country like Switzerland, I actually enjoyed the 3-hours work in the garden! There are things that I like in the tropics, such as the nice weather, beautiful beaches  and a wide variety of delicious food!! However, what I like about Switzerland is I do not sweat that much, beverage gets cold if I leave them out, lotsa party and events, public transportation arrives and departs on time and snow! Now I definitely can add gardening as my first experience in Switzerland! =)



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