Martinimärt Rümlang

After the celebration of the my host sister’s wedding, I was told that the next day, there was another festival – Martinimärt at Rümlang! Es hat immer Spass gemacht in ein Fest! There were many stalls selling local delicacies, asian food, clothes, keychains, sourvenirs…etc and of course food and drinks! I went there to have Fondue, typical Swiss food – bread with melted cheese and paprika! Lecker! There were also live bands performance. At some tents, they played the traditional Swiss folks music while some played the modern music. Although the weather was cold, many people came for the festival. Martinimärt indicates the beginning of Fasnacht (also another festival). I had lots of fun there drinking with my host mum and in the end became so drunk that I had a bad hangover the next day! It really reminded me of the movie Hangover and Hangover 2. Gosh, I had my embarassing moments but it was not so bad. Thanks to everyone from Turnverein who kept an eye on me and looked out for me.

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