Autumn vs. winter in the Swiss mountains

Wenn ich zurück denke, weiss ich selber nicht, wann ich das lezte Mal nicht in Winter in die Berge kam. Dieses mal, wenn es immer noch Herbst ist, bin ich wieder in Arosa. Ich muss ja sagen, es sieht ganz anderes aus. Es war immer mega kalt und überall weiss, wenn ich da warst aber dieses Mal, ist es nicht so. Der See ist noch nicht gefroren und es hat auch noch nicht geschneit. Trotzdem finde ich die Aussicht wunderschön. Die Schweiz ist einfacg sehr unglaublich schön!!! Jetzt gibt es noch nicht viele Touriste aber wenn es Winter ist, kommt ja alle für Wintersport.

Arosa in autumn 2011

Arosa in winter 2010

Switzerland, famous for its beauty, has always amazed me and I never get tired immersing myself in the beauty of this country. Switzerland is a really small country but fortunate enough to have the alps right in the middle of it! Peist brings back good memories. My host family has a Ferienhaus at Peist, where they come and stay for a few days or weeks during summer and winter holidays. My first visit was in summer 2001 with my host mum, Alissa and Ben. We went hiking and had a bbq on the mountain. I have to admit, it was tiring but lots of fun. I next came back in winter 2001 to learn how to snowboard with Alissa and Sayaka at Hochwang. It was an amazing experience. I still remember the hassle of waking up early in the morning just to put on layer and more layer of jackets. The most difficult part was putting on the snowboard boots. Gabi had to help me always. To walk on the snow, carrying a snowboard was exhausting. Each step was so heavy and it drained out energy from my body. I will always remember the good time learning how to snowboard. Despite the cold weather, my face became darker due to the strong sunlight. It is normal for beginners to keep sitting down on the snow and get a wet ass!! It took me quite some time to actually get the hang of snowboarding – to get up with both feet clipped on to the board, to slide down the snow, to make a stop, to make a curve to my right or left, to release one side of the boot out of the clip, to clip back the boot onto the board, to hang on to the ski-lift…etc. Each time when I stepped into the icy cold bathroom, I realised I had more bruises around my ass and thigh! I fell down the cliff once and I have to say, it wasn’t funny as my chest hurt like shit and I thought I was going to die! I still recall Gabi asking me to breath in and out. I dare not snowboard down for the next few days after that. There was this fear within me that haunted me like a ghost. However, I overcame my fear and started snowboarding again. I came back to Peist in year 2003 and 2010, both times during winter. I am not good in this winter sport but I don’t deny I enjoy snowboarding. Too bad this year, it is not winter yet. When we went to the mountain, it had not snow yet. I have always seen the mountains in white but it looked really nice in green or brown too! The lake at Arosa is frozen in winter but now it has just started to freeze.

Peist in autumn 2011

Hochwang and Peist in winter 2010

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