Chur, situated to the east of Switzerland withtin Kanton Graubünden, is a city surrounded by the mountain. Everytime I went to Peist, my host mum had to drive by Chur as that is the only way up to the mountain. Since we had to pass by Chur on the way back to Zürich, Gabi said we could stop by Chur and walk around so that Victoria could visit Chur. The name “chur” derives perhaps from the Celtic kora or koria, meaning tribe, or from the Latin curia.

I had been to Chur a few times but when I walked around this city, I don’t really remember much. I only remember the railway station and bus station. I was always here with Alissa and most of the time we came here by train. Many houses are built on the slope, thus most houses receive sunlight only for a few hours. When the sun sets behind the mountains, it is shady again. We visited a few historical buildings. There was also a market, called Andreasmarkt at the Poststrasse. Poststrasse is within the old part of the city, situated to the east, with all the historical buildings. The modern part of Chur is to the west. While walking through the stalls, I told Gabi that we should buy Bratwürst for Victoria!!! Victoria and I share one as we just had breakfast. Gosh, I love Bratwürst mit Senf! Lecker! After seeing most of the city, we left.

St. Martin Church

Stairs leading to St. Maria Himmelfahrt

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