Swiss specialty ~ RACLETTE

When I was having my exchange year 10 years back, I gained so much! Although it only showed an extra 5kg on the scale, I felt like a bloated balloon! My cheeck and chin were round and I think I had more fat around my stomach, arm, thigh and ass! Did I regret gaining so much weight? Not at all!! Not when the food was so delicious! Gabi cooks really good. Unlike rice, cheese is never part of a staple food in Malaysia. I found it too cheesy when I first had cheese but now I love it so much! Cheese and chocolate, that was all it takes to be fat! Apart from fondue, which is similar to steamboat but with cheese, raclette is also a very traditional Swiss food. It is usually served in the winter as it warms the body. They have cheese raclette or meat raclette, both served with bakes potatoes. The best is of course having both together! It is something I always look forward for this and my host family knows I love it!! Thus raclette is a must-have everytime I am in Switzerland.

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