Iceskating in Dielsdorf

I have never been good in iceskating but I first tried it in Switzerland. It was never easy but it had always been fun! Outdoor iceskating is nicer than indoor but of course COLD!!! The only place to iceskate back in Malaysia is at Sunway Pyramid. However, I did not really like it there as the ice melted and after a while, the ground was flooded with water. It became more slippery and harder to control, especially for an amateur like me! Since the weather is cold in Switzerland, it is very unlikely for the ice to melt, even so I never knew how to brake! Everytime I watched people iceskate and play icehockey, I am amazed! I have no idea how can they hold a stick and aim for something when I could not even balance myself on the ice. As the saying goes pratice makes perfect. Iceskating is not my favourite sport but I enjoy doing it with my friends! Victoria said she wanted to iceskate and lucky us, the weather was nice. The sun was shining and it was quite warm. However, when we left, both my feet and hands were frozen.

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