Zurich is not a famous stop-over-spot for tourists that travel with a tour. Most or maybe all tour groups that pass by Switzerland choose to stop at the Swiss Alps or Lucern or Interlaken. I myself think that Switzerland, in whole, is a beautiful country and has many places to visit. I would rather go elsewhere less crowded than being surrounded and squeezed by groups of tourists.

Zurich is a big city, full with people from different races speaking different languages. Directly infront of Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich main railway station) is the famous Bahnhofstrasse. Trams operate in the middle of the street. On both side of this street, one can find almost everything, such as Mc’Donald, Globus, H&M, Zara, Longchamp, Tally Veijl, Swarovski, Ex-Libris, Manor, Apotheke…etc. To be frank, I personally think Switzerland is still one of the most expensive country to live in. Even in England, it wasn’t that bad. Nothing is cheap here.

Bahnhofstrasse from Zürich Haupbahnhof

Victoria and I took the S5 train from Rümlang to Oerlikon. First we walked around the town area and then to Kanti Oerlikon – the school that I studied. It was lunch hour when we were there and it was empty. The only people I saw were cleaners. It felt like deja vu being on the school compound again – mensa, bibliothek, klasse, WC, sporthalle…etc.

It is VERY SAFE to drink from the fountain in Switzerland

Kantonsschule Oerlikon

After that we tooked Tram 11 to Zürich city. We hopped down at Bahnhofstrasse and strolled around the city. I like Zürich as it is happening. Although it is modern but most buildings are very traditional. We visited almost all of the main attractions in Zurich, including Grossmünster (Great Minster), St. Peter Kirche (St. Peter Church), Fraumünster, Operhaus (Opera House), Landesmuseum (National Museum)…etc. It was quite foggy so we could not see the mountains clearly from the deck by Zürichsee (Zurich Lake). It is very common to see white swans here.

St. Peter Kirche






We wanted to go for Swiss ice cream but it was so cold that we bought Maroni instead. Victoria said that I might not know a lot about the history or story about the places we visited but I definitely know all the food and desserts. Hehe, I totally love Swiss food so everything taste delicious!!! We also bought food from Migros. I told her to try Gipfelschinken and she liked it!

Before we realised, it was already past 6pm. I was ready to leave. Since winter is coming, the day is shorter now. It was already dark at that time and we could see the night view of Zurich. Victoria thought that it looked similar to Paris, in short, romantic! We walked back to the railway station to catch the next train. They were setting up the yearly Weihnachsmarkt (Christmas market) and as usual, there stood a huge Christmas tree, fully decorated with Swarovski crystal!

Zürich Hauptbahnhof

During my entire time here, the trains were never late but only punctual. However, there was a delay for the first time and I think it was due to an accident. The train only arrived an hour later. I was so glad to go back to the warm house! It was a good day roaming around Zurich. Initially my host parents suggested us to go to Uetliberg but since we stopped by Oerlikon, it was already getting dark when we reached Zürich HB and I thought we could still go the next day. Unfortunately, the weather was bad the next morning and after checking the live webcam from the Uetliberg website and all we saw were mist, we decided to go to Zurich city again.

P/S: Sorry for the not-so-good quality photos taken from my HTC Aria as my camera is not working.


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