Pilatus, Switzerland

Switzerland has many mountains and peaks. Pilatus is one of the famous peak. Victoria and I did not go to Uetliberg, the highest peak in Zurich due to the bad weather, thus Gabi took us to Pilatus. It was about an hour drive to the base of Pilatus. We took a cable car up and a return ticket cost CHF66! Swiss is really expensive. It was very foggy at the base but once we passed the mist, the view was breathtaking!!! The sun was shining bright above. I remember when I saw this kind of scenery for the first time in Peist, I was really excited. It made me think of Son Goku with his cloud.

We passed by the first stop and at the second stop, we had to change another cable car. Looking out the glass, I could see some hikers climbing up the mountain. When we reached the top, we could walk further up the stairs. Although it was quite warm but it was also very windy. My nose kept running and tears accumulated in the eyes. There were a lot of tourists there. We sat down and enjoyed the view while eating sandwiches. Unfortunately there was no map available on the top to indicate the names of all the peaks around Pilatus so Gabi had to guess most of them.

On the way back, we passed by Luzern. I always find Luzern beautiful. No wonder it is also a very popular tourist attraction in Switzerland.

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