Europe’s biggest waterfall ~ Rheinfall

Rheinfall is one of the places I first visited when I was in Switzerland. To be frank, it is a huge waterfall but I expected too much. When people told me it is the biggest waterfall, I was expecting to see something like Niagara Fall. To my disappoinment, it did not look like a waterfall, at least not the height. However, it is indeed beautiful. This was my forth time here and I still like the scenery! It usually takes up to an hour to get to Rheinfall by train. It is also common to visit Stein Am Rhein and Schaffhausen, which are both situated nearby Rheinfall. Gabi said she would drive us there and it took only half an hour to reach the destination by car. The night before, we watched a video taken by Gabi’s Dad at the Rheinfall back in 1957. It was an old film in black and white with no sound but the waterfall looked exactly the same as it is now! In short, pictures speak thousand words…


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