Christmas deco

Nowadays, Christmas is celebrated everywhere. It is not a tradition in Malaysia to celebrate Christmas with family, at least not for the Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus. However, the best thing is it is a public holiday in Malaysia. From the beginning of December, shopping malls start to display Christmas decoration. I went to Glatt, the biggest shopping mall in Switzerland, with my host Mum. She did some Christmas shopping and bought herself a pair of winter boots. She also bought a few decoration to decorate the Christmas candles. There are four candles in total. The first candle is lit on Sunday, four weeks before Christmas. Each subsequent candle is lit on every coming Sunday. I helped her to decorate the candles. It was fun and the deco looked nice!!!

One thought on “Christmas deco

  1. What a lovely tradition! I love to decorate my place for Christmas which includes lots of candles in each room! What can I say, the candle light give me a sense of comfort and calmness! I wish for you a wonderful 2012!

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