From Uetliberg, the top of Zurich

I never thought Victoria and I would make it to Uetliberg after two failed attempts. The first time, it was almost dark when we wanted to go and the next morning, the weather was so bad so we cancelled the trip. It was not part of the plan to go Uetliberg. I had to go to Messe at Oerlikon to redeem the camera strap that was missing from the box. My host Dad gave me a Canon 115 HS as Christmas present!!! Since we bought the ticket to Zurich, we decided to go to Uetliberg. Fortunately, the weather was really nice. It took us quite some time to find the platform though. It took only less than half an hour to reach the top. We hopped out and started walking uphill to the tower. Victoria was almost out of breath walking up the slope. It reminded me when I first came to Switzerland. My host family used to call me turtle as I was always the slowest but I realised I am no longer the slowest. We only stayed half an hour on the peak as we needed to be back before dinner. Switzerland is really a beautiful country. It does not matter how many times I visit Switzerland, I will always love it here!


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